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The SHC Rossemaison is proud to welcome you once again for the MEN European CUp.

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Friday / Vendredi : free/gratuit

Saturday and Sunday / Samedi et dimanche : CHF 15.- / 15 euros

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Participating teams. Click on the logo to reach the club's website or Facebook page.



altenberg logo 500




Arnberger Nicole, #36
Ferjancic Michael, #47
Adams Michael, #10
Beer Marcel, #20
Benesch Christoph, #18
Fabsich Timon, #13
Glasner Lukas, #55
Inselkammer Leopold, #30
Kaltenbrunner Gregor, #75
Kern Patrick, #88
Lang Raphi, #14
Lechner Lukas, #2
Lechner Martin, #21
Müllauer Alex, #4
Pfeiffer Kevin, #12
Pierron Mathias, #61
Rauter Laurin, #15
Rejzek Markus, #92
Schilling Moritz, #13
Staubmann Jakob, #89
Staubmann Clemens, #11


Founded in 1989, the Red Dragons Altenberg are the oldest inlineskaterhockey club in Austria.
We competed in the highest Austrian league since it was founded, and we were able to win the
championship five tims so far. During the past decade, 2023 was a highlight season as we were
able to reach the finals and won the second place of the Austrian Championship. After an
international break for a few years, we are glad to attend an IISHF Title Event again.

Our Team successes:
• 5 x Austrian Champion: 1999, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010
• 6 x Austrian Vice-Champion: 1997, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011
• 1x Champion Austrian Cup: 2016
• 3x Vice-Champion Austrian Cup: 2023, 2013, 2014


altenberg team 1400




buix logo 500




Courbat Théo, #31, goalkeeper
Cramatte Tom, #35, goalkeeper
Fridez Lucas, # 68, goalkeeper

F 67 Aubry Maël, # 67, forward
Bonati Lucas, #88, forward / defender
Brahier Nolan, #4, defender
Calabria Anthony, #21, forward
Châtelain Gaëtan, #97, forward
Châtelain Julien, #23, defender
Comment Donovan, #12, forward
Cramatte Noé, #28, defender
Curcione Maxime, #41, defender
Houlmann Joris, #18, defender
Hostettler Andi, #75, forward
Koller Jonathan, #43, defender
Koulmey Grégory, #45, forward
Maillard Tanguy, #15, forward
Meusy Hugo, #44, forward
Neuenschwander Léo, #89, defender
Nicoulin Thibaut, #16, defender
Pouilly Pierric, #17, forward
Pouilly Arthur, #99, forward
Wütrich Bastien, #87, forward

Neuenschwander Pascal, head coach
Voisard Dominique, assistant coach
Fridez Denis, material
Messerli Françoise, kine
Choffat Alexis, technical


The Club has been created in 1985. We have today 7 active teams playing the FSIH Swiss Championship (Club in LNA, LNB, 2nd League, Junior, Novice, Mini and Mini Kids) for a total of 146 members playing for the Club.
In 2022, We became the first Roller Club in Ajoie to have a Roof on the Skating Rink.


1992 Swiss Champion
1993 Finalist at the European Cup in Germany
1994 Promotion to the LNA
2011 Winner of the Jura Cup
2013 Winner of the Jura Cup
2013 Finalist of the Swiss National Cup
2014 2nd Place finish during the Swiss Championship
2015 Champion and promotion to the LNA
2015 Finalist of the Swiss Cup
2016 Finalist of the Swiss Cup
2017 Finalist at the European Winners’ Cup
2022 Demi-Final lost at the Swiss Cup
2023 3rd Place finish during the Swiss Championship
2023 Finalist at the European Cup in Avenches


buix team 1400




essen logo 500



BREVES Daniel, #36 (C)
SCHNEIDER Sebastian, #18 (AC)
FRENZEL Marvin, #95, goalkeeper
GLEIXNER Mika, 364, goalkeeper
GOEBELS Lucas, #41, goalkeeper
KÖNNING Joachim, #2
DANNÖHL Jona, #5
HÜSKEN Benedikt, #6
ZOLMANIS Sandis, #9
FRICK Fabio, #13
PORSCH Kevin, #17
WEIß Alexander, #19
LENZ Fabian, #27
SPÄH Robin. #59
ARNDT Jason, #68
SPARKA Erik, #77
DANNÖHL Tom, #86

BÖTTCHER Thomas, coach
ARNDT Carsten, staff
GÖTZ Dominik, staff
MERTEN Ravissa, staff
REEDER Ellen, staff



Team successes

Men challenge cup : winner 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022
Men european cup : winner 2011, 2016, 2019
National german champion: 2015, 2016, 2019.
German cup winner: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2022.




essen team 1400




gentofte logo 500




Christian Møller-Hansen, #1, goalkeeper
Klaus Svan, #39, goalkeeper
David Petersson, #4, (C)
Victor Cubars, #10
Oliver Sommer, #11, (A)
Mick Biehl, #14
Søren Damgaard, #22
Mathias Hansen, #24
Thomas Lilholt, #40
Kristian Damgaard, #44
Søren Brinkløv, #47
Joshua Heerwagen, #59
Jesper Møllegaard Andersen, #66
Albert Praem, #88


The team plays in Gentofte, a suburb just north of Copenhagen.
Some of our players have played on the team dating back to 2002 with new faces joining along the
way since then. As a team we have traveled all over Europe for tournaments multiple times a year
for over 20 years.
We are very proud to have won the Men’s European Cup in 2004, 2006, 2012, 2018 & 2022.
Our goal for this year is to make it at least to the quarterfinals and we are very much looking
forward to playing in the great skaterhockey town of Rossemaison again.

2014 - Snake City Masters – Slangerup - DK
2014 - City Cup – Vesterbro - DK
2014 - Danish Cup Champions
2015 - Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE
2015 - Danish Cup Champions
2016 - Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE
2016 - Danish Champions
2017 - Rams Summer Cup - Düsseldorf – DE
2017 - John Spight Memorial - Bordon – GB
2017 - Danish Champions
2018 - Danish Champions
2018 – Mens European Cup – Rossemaison – CH
2019 – Danish Champions
2021 – Nations Cup – Kiev – UA
2022 - Mens European Cup – Rossemaison – CH
2022 – Danish Champions
2023 – Danish Champions


gentofte team 1400




havering logo 500




Ant Laird, coach

Paul Firmin, manager

Andy Bridge, physio

Jon Laird, #63 (C)

Brandon Ayliffe, #10 (A)

Matt Smith, #38, N/M

Neil Smith, #1, N/M

Tjay Anderson, #13

Ewan Hill, #11

Graham Regan, #9

Ross Newman, #46

Michael Bedford, #40

Steve Osman, #83

Jake Hall, #77

Zak Redgrave, #15


Havering Hawks are looking forward to taking the step up and attending the Mens European Cup after attending the Mens Challenge Cup in previous years. Thank you to Rossemaison & IISHF for hosting this prestigious and we cannot wait to get playing.

2023 BISHA National League – 2nd Place

2023 National Championships – 2nd Place

2022 BISHA National League – 1st Place


havering photo 1400





kaarst logo 500





The Crash Eagles Kaarst are very happy to participate at the European Cup in Rossemaison. Last year whe hosted this big Event in Kaarst and won the Cup for the first Time. It is our sixth participation in the European Cup and we are looking forward of meeting all the great Teams.

2023 - German Champion
2022 - German Champiom
2019 - German Vice-Champion
2018 - German Champion
2017 - German Champion
2016 - German Vice Champion
1998 - German Champion
1997 - German Champion


kaarst team 1400




krefeld logo 500





Ackers Gerrit, #59, forward
Böckels Nico-Paul, #58, defender
Brosch Aaron, #72, goalkeeper
Diem Dustin, #77, defender
Häming Florian, #28, goalkeeper
Jost Jannik, #69, defender
Klein Tom, #86, defender
Kleindienst Jannik, #57, forward
Kleindienst Niklas, #17, forward
Kramer Christian, #19, goalkeeper
Meyer Maximilian, #8, forward
Preiß Christian, #18, forward
Rabe Nick, #9, forward
Rüwald Pascal, #11, defender
Scheuß Alexander, #55, forward
Schopp Daniel, #14, forward
Zillen Fabian, #56, defender
Zillen Max, #27, defender

Peelen Fabian, coach
Tellers Roman, coach
Diem Udo, team manager
Böckels Norbert, staff
Schenkelberg Harald, staff


2014 1st National League 12th place, relegated to the 2nd National League South.

2015 2nd National League South 3rd place, 5th place CWC Men (Essen, Germany).

2016 2nd National League North 2nd place, Runners up to the 1st National League.

2017 5th National League 5th place, eliminated in the Playoff Quarterfinals.

2018 1st National League 5th place, eliminated in the play-off quarterfinals.

2019 1st National League 3rd place, eliminated in the play-off halffinals.

2020 No Championchip (Covid19).

2021 1st National League B (regular Season) 1st place, winner german final / German Champion.

2022 4st National League (regular Season) 4th place, eliminated in the play-off halffinals, 6th place EC Men (Rossemaison, Switzerland).

2023 1st National League (regular Season) 2st place, German vice-champion after the play-off final, 4th place EC Men (Kaarst, Germany).


krefeld team 1400




shcr logo 500





Vuilleumier Joel, #25, goalkeeper
Huber Thomas, #20, goalkeeper
Pentecote Arnaud, #1, goalkeeper
Sauvain Tim, #5, defender
Crétin Joan, #6, defender
Neukomm Arnaud, #13, defender
Fluri Evan, #19, defender
Christe Théo, #29, defender
Weiss Arnaud, #64, defender
Koller Ludovic, #71, defender
Stemer Vincent, #10, forward
Neukomm Alexis, #83, forward
Choffat Jérome, #88, forward
Sauvain Yvan, #91, forward
Turberg Julien, #92, forward
Studer Bastien, #94, forward
Choffat Gautier, #95, forward


Nussbaumer Steve, head coach
Ehmann Yann, assistant coach
Schindelholz Fabrice, team manager
Schindelholz Stéphanie, assistant team manager


For the past 25 years, the SHC Rossemaison Men's team has been one of the top inline hockey teams in Switzerland. Our continued success comes from our commitment to develop talent at all age levels, ensuring a steady flow of skilled players from our youth teams to our top team.

Our team is a mix of experienced players and promising young talents. This combination of maturity and energy has helped us compete at the highest level in the Swiss Championship, where we proudly represent our club.

As the host of the prestigious European Cup 2024, we have set our goals: we are determined to reach the semifinals. Then, off course, many factors will come into the play to reach the title…

But we know that we will face tough opponents along the way. We embrace this challenge with unwavering determination and can count on our supporters.

The SHC Rossemaison Men's team is excited to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level of inline hockey.

Beyond just winning, we are committed to fair play and good sportsmanship, both on and off the rink. We aim to leave a lasting impression on our fellow competitors and fans.

Join us on this exciting journey as we write the next chapter in the history of SHC Rossemaison.

Together, let's make the European Cup 2024 a tournament to remember.

SHC Rossemaison was grounded in 1984. It is one of the oldest club in Switzerland and, with over 400 members, the biggest of the country.

The main results of the team are 10 national titles and 6 Swiss Cup titles. At the Europeans did we win the MEN EC (2001) and the Challenge Cup last year.


team shcr ec men 2024




rothrist logo 500




Schnellman Roger, #31, goalkeeper
Häfliger Christian #26, goalkeeper
Lüthi Janis, #59, defender
Eschelbach Jan, #27, defender
Brunner Oliver #24, defender
Zietala Martin, #22, defender
Walther Ken, #8, defender
Pfranger Andrin, #66, defender
Werren Linus, #28, forward
Werren Mika, #12, forward
Eigenheer Nick, #94, forward
Walser Philipp, #98, forward
Gfeller Kay, #99, forward
Andres Mike, #4, forward
Liechti Janick, #23, forward
Zietala Roman, coach


The Rothrist inline hockey club was founded in 1997 and joined the Swiss inline hockey association FSIH in 2002. In addition to the sporting ambitions, the motto “we are family” was always lived. We had to wait a long time for greater success before we won the Swiss Cup for the first time in 2012. The title was celebrated for the second time in 2016. In 2021 and 2023 we played in the final of the Swiss Championship. We have always shown good performances on the European stage, and we hope so again this year.


rothrist team 1400




 rdovre logo 500





Steven Andersen, #31, goalkeeper
Noah Nothlev, #77, goalkeeper
Patrick Wamberg, #15, defender
Mark Hayenes, #37, defender
Christian Keldgaard Wessmann (C), #13, defender
Nicklas Malling, #62, defender
Lucas Nielsen, #4, defender
Patrick Ørnbæk, #89, defender
Sebastian Niebling, #9, forward
Mikkel Brokside, #81, forward
Morten Hansen, #69, forward
Thomas Oldendow, #12, forward
Martin Keldgaard Wessmann, #8, forward
Theis Wamberg, #16, forward
Sebastian Emil Sylvest strømstad, #18, forward

Thomas Pæregaard, head coach
Jesper Olesen, manager
Steffen Lund, equipment manager


Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride with Rødovre Red Devils as we gear up for our second senior team appearance in this electrifying tournament! 🏒🔥
Brimming with excitement, our seasoned skater hockey club is unveiling a dynamic new team, infused with fresh talent and boundless energy! 💥 With our state-of-the-art arena, providing us year-round training opportunities, we're honing our skills to perfection.
While our last international showdown in Kaarst didn't quite hit the mark, we're poised for redemption this time around! 💪 We're hungry for victory and determined to make a splash on the international stage.
Setting our sights high, we're aiming for a top 6 finish, fueled by our unwavering passion for the game and unwavering dedication to excellence. 🏆


rdovre team old