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The SHC Rossemaison is proud to welcome you once again for the U13 IISHF European Cup.

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altenberg logo 500




Ferjancic Laura (goalkeeper), #14
Gregor Theo (goalkeeper), #4
Becker Leonie, #55
Blauensteiner Andreas, #27
Braun Maria, #12
Braun Peter, #4
Erasim Julius, #20
Finster Luis, #10
Gregor Philip, #47
Haslinger Selina, #5
Potisk Valentin, #99
Rubbert Maximilian, #24
Schilling Leah, #21
Schilling Noah, #91
Senn Sophie, #79
Taucher Ruben, #33
Uibinger Magdalena, #54
Uibinger Paul, #53
Weigert Pio, #11


The Red Dragons Altenberg were founded in 1989. They have been participating in the Austrian U13 Inline Skater Hockey League since 2011. In 2014 they were crowned Austrian champions. In the same season, the U13 team finished second at the Austrian Cup. In 2023 the U13 Team finally reached the final of the Austrian championship again. As vice-champion, they qualified for this year´s European Cup.


altenberg team u13 1400



amstetten logo 500




Goll Fabian, #89
Hametner Tim, #5
Hütter Finn, #42
Maurer Felix (goalkeeper), #32
Maurer Maximilian, #97
Oberpeilsteiner Luis, #62
Schnakl Tobias, #86
Teuschl Paul, #93
Teuschl Oskar, #96
Tremetzberger Florian, #82
Tremetzberger Marcel, #83
Zauner Vanessa, #52
Saida Samuel (goalkeeper), #36
Girlinger Paula, #38
Maierhofer Ella, #78
Schön Philipp, #65


The U13 squad has participated for the first time in the national division of the INLINE-SKATERHOCKEY AUSTRIA (ISHA) in the year 2021. The team was unexperienced, and many players were very young then. Since then, the performance of the team has increased each season. Last year the team achieved the third place (during the final tournament) for the very first time.


amstetten team 1400




Berlin logo 500




Pilz Laurin, #4

Schiz Alexander, #8

Helm Philipp, #17

Vladyko Maxim, #18

Mialeshka Uladzislau, #19

Seelen Rick, #23

Neubert Samantha, #24 (goalkeeper)

Seelen Ron, #34

Hahn Anton, #44 (C)

Visner Nikita, #51

Kiril Boldyrev, #72

Weikum Leo, #77

Carew Leo, #86 (goalkeeper)

Lou Tohki, #95 (A)


The Berlin Buffalos are an Inlineskaterhockey club that isn’t only known in the Berlin-Brandenburg Area, but also succeeded numerous times nationally and internationally. Founded more than a quarter century ago the Berlin Buffalos have become notable organization in the Skaterhockey community that is known for its great youth work and teams with an unbreakable team spirit.

The Berlin Buffalos have an unbelievable track record when it comes to success on the national stage. Through hard work and a great load of persistence and will the organization put itself from playing in parking lots to competing in the highest German league. We are especially proud of the fact that a lot of the players coming from our youth program end up playing for our man’s team.

There is a generational change happening at the organization right now, with lots of talented U16 players moving up to the U19s and being able to have their first experiences and exposure to man’s Skaterhockey. That evolution can also be seen in the membership numbers of the organization. In the last couple of years the membership numbers more than doubled. Before Covid there were around 50 aktiv members and we just now welcomed the 175th member to the Berlin Buffalos. Those numbers are what makes it possible for us to have competitive teams in every age group. In the last year we competed with teams in the age groups U8/U10/U13/U16/U19 and also a men’s team in the Regionalliga. Some of our most notable achievements are winning the U13 European championship and also qualifying for this years European Championship by finishing in second place at last years U13 German National Championship.

Winner of the U13 European Championship 2012 ISHD 2. Bundesliga Champions 2009/2014/2018 Second place at the U13 German national Championship 2011/2013 LSB “Best Youth Programm 2006” North German Junior Champion 2006 U13 Berlin/Brandenburg Champions 2010/2011/2012/2023 U16 Berlin/Brandenburg Champions 2012/2013 U19 Berlin/Brandenburg Champions 2015/2016/2017 Men’s Regional Champions 2022/2023 We would like to thank everyone on the board of directors for the support that they have given us in the pursuit of growing the sport and making it accessible for so many people in Berlin. Our goals are to reward that trust put in us, with many more national and international titles.




vikings logo 500




Loui Mcbride, #25, forward
Lui Skov Lau, #53, forward
Theodore Stelling Muus Day, #23, forward
Valdemar Carit, #12, defender
Victor Astrup Schmücker, #27, defender
Victor Florentz, #71, forward
William Leholk Astrup, #24, forward
Atri Seiersen, #6, forward
Darwin Skovbo Holst, #5, forward
Elliot Stelling Muus Day, #10, forward
Huxi Forberg, #61 (goalkeeper)
Johannes V. Gade, #1 (goalkeeper)

The current Copenhagen Vikings U13 have now had a couple years' of European Cup experience and so, our expectations for the games we participate in, have grown. We will do our very best to reach the final games for glory and have fun at  he same time. We have become very good friends with Rostock, with which we have played several matches both in 2023 and have planned it again here in 2024 in striving to improve. Copenhagen Vikings is a club packed with tradition and has a large amount of international experience. The coaches around the U13 team have played skate hockey for many years, which helps assure that we can create a good base for the players and provide the framework for further progress. In the past Copenhagen Vikings U13 have won the tournament in 2015 and 2016. And 3rd place in 2004.


vikings team 1400




gerlafingen logo 500




 Tschannen Aline, #1
Weissbach Henri, #20
Lüdi Lynn, #77
Lanz Jamie, #14
Schüpbach Melina, #10
Grädel Zaira, #13
Grädel Noe, #9
Begert Livio, #67
Freudiger Brian, #3
Stotzer Aaron, #11
Gröger Leonard, #15
Schilt Ben, #17
Beyeler Lionel, #2
Lauber Jorin, #6
Bärtschi Ian, #4
Hochreutener Aron, Headcoach
Baumgartner Thomas, Assistant Coach
Meier Joel Assistant, Coach


Our victories/successes of the last 10 years are:

2023: U13 Swiss Champion
2022: Qualified for the U13 Final Tournament (1. Place after Quali / at the Final – Tournament 7. Place)
2021: Qualified for the U13 Final Tournament (1. Place after Quali / at the Final – Tournament 7. Place)


gerlafingen team 1400




 krefel logo barenkopf 500






Lias Thommeßen, #19
Ben Schroeren, #10
Moritz Momm (C), #11
Tom Rüter (A), #55
Finn Güllmann, #24
Florian Schumann, #12
Jan Henning, #51
Julian Mende, #31
Laura Matin Pour, #80
Marlon Metzler, #41
Jannis Riemer, #47
Jana Austen, #18
Sophia Hendrix, #86
Linus Lütger, #84
Lars Schmidt, #91
Florian Lintorf, coach
Joshua Küsters, coach

Silke Momm
Daniel Matin Pour
Klaus Momm
Eric Lütger
Patrick Hendrix
Thomas Schroeren


We, the U13 team of 1. Crefelder SC, have qualified for participation in the U13 EuroCup as third place in the German Championship.

We are very happy to be there and we are looking forward to a great tournament with many exiting and fair games.



1st place Student League West, Champion North Rhine Westphalia, German Cup Winner, German Champion, 3rd Place EC U13 (in 2015).


2nd place Student League West, Vice-Champion North Rhine Westphalia, German Vice-Champion, 4th Place EC U13 (in 2016).


4th place Student League West, Vice-Champion North Rhine Westphalia, German Vice-Champion, 5th Place EC U13 (in 2017).


4th place Student League West, 4. Platz 1. Schülerliga West.


4th place Student League West, Vice-Champion North Rhine Westphalia, 3rd place German Championship, 8th Place (from 12 participants) EC U13 (in 2019).


5th place Student Legue West, 5. Platz 1. Schülerliga West.


No championchip (Covid-19).


4th place Student Legue West B


3rd place Student Legue West, 6th place EC U13


3rd place Student League West, Vice-Champion North Rhine Westphalia, 3rd place German Championship.


krefeld team 1400




 la broye logo 500




Bossel Timothy (C), #10
Thürler Soren (A), #66
Jaquenoud Louis (goalkeeper), #24
Rohrbach Titouan (goalkeeper), #2
Banderet Sidney, #78
Bulliard Yannick, #5
Piwonski Jean, #87
Roccati Mattéo, #29
Schorderet Solal, #93
Hesslein Tristan, #86
Liechti Axel, #71
Pillonel Robin, #99
Morbatti Enzo, #48
Bersier Bastien, #15
Stoliarov Sviatoslav, #34
Schranz Michael, head coach
Banderet Denis, assistant coach


The IHC LA BROYE is located in Payerne in the canton of Vaud, in the northwestern part of Switzerland, in the region of the Broye Vaudoise and Fribourgeoise more precisely. We have more than 140 active members with 5 teams. Our junior movement is the most important in the Swiss league.

Our teams : 1st league, 2nd league, Junior (U19), Novices (U16), Minis (U13), Kids (U11).

Our U13 team won the title of Swiss Champion 2021 and finished 3rd in 2023.


 la broye team 1400




rhein main logo 500




Wanda Blechschmied, #5
Lennox Henkel, #7
Viktoria Kettner, #48
Karl Kleefen, #92
Jakob Michel, #6
Johann Müller, #27
Philine Napravnik, #13
Jan-Mika Petersen, #19
Toni Marie Pfannmüller, #8
Toni Reuß, #53
Paul Reuß, #63
Emil Sacher, #86
Piet Sender, #73
Henry Szymanski, #10
Bennet Veith, #66
Marisa Weiland, #31
Emma Zellekens, #20
Julian Zellekens, #30



Hessenmeister (Hessen champion)

2017 + 2019

Südwest-Deutscher Vizemeister (2nd place Southwest championship)


Südwest-Deutscher Meister Nord (1st place Southwest championship North)


Südwest-Deutscher Meister (1st place Southwest championship), 3. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft (3rd place German championship)


Südwest-Deutscher Meister (1st place Southwest championship), 1. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft (1st place German championship), 4. Platz Europapokal (4th place U13 European Cup)


rhein main team 1400




rockets logo 500




Mylo Newell, #3
Alfie Bythell, #17
Darragh Gantley, #24
Mason Willimott, #27
Avery Cadman-Moore, #42
Ethan Flowers, #82
Noah Bruce, #93 (C)
Finley Hubbuck, #96
Riley Hubbuck, #97 (A)

Elias Flowers, #1 (NM)
Lyle Gallagher, #88 (NM)


This team was set up at the start of 2023 season when a few of our players signed up to play ball hockey with a different team but they decided to fold so we decided to create our own team which became the Rockets after the formerly known team Redditch Rockets which was created by our own team coach Stephen Bruce (Moose) where he coached our other team coach Connor Hubbuck years ago.

We thought it would be nice to bring back the team that gave us great memories all them years ago. All of our players play for Solihull barons junior ice hockey club with some of them never owning a pair of roller skates and the other half of the players playing for PGKA Mooseheads at puck.

With all of the players never playing roller hockey with a ball we didn’t know what to expect and how we would do in the league but taking the chemistry we had from ice hockey, we ended up champions only losing 1 game and we went into national playoff finals feeling confident where we won the semi final 9-2 and the final 10-2.

Myself & Moose would like to thank all of our parents that played apart to get us to this tournament.

So let’s enjoy the European trip of 2024 and hopefully our kids will remember this trip as much as our coaches remember theirs in 1997 & 2004.


rockets team 1400




shcr u13 logo 500




Vuilleumier Logan, #3, goalkeeper
Richard Matteo, #16, goalkeeper
Chevrey Archibald, #20, goalkeeper
Chèvre Meven, #6, defender
Ehmann Morgan, #25, defender
Simon Matteo, #15, forward
Voisard Nora, #21, forward
Vogt Lenny, #18, defender
Wolff Alexy, #10, forward
Guerdat Maxime, #30, forward
Kottelat Samuel, #17, forward
Mohni Léo, #32, forward
Mohni Noé, #19, defender
Chételat Léo, #13, forward
Vioujas Nina, #4, forward
Chappuis Cécile, #7, defender


The SHC Rossemaison U13 inline hockey team has consistently been among the top teams in Switzerland in recent years. Continuing their mission of learning, playing, and having fun, the 2023 season culminated in a well-deserved 2nd place in the Swiss Finals.

For the 2024 season, the team's goal is to maintain their position at the top of the regular season, and potentially reach the finals of Swiss Championship.

Additionally, as the host of the European Cup 2024, SHC Rossemaison is determined to reach the final stages of the tournament and compete for the championship.

Facing a field of strong teams, the SHC Rossemaison U13 squad is ready to take on the challenge of the European Cup 2024. The team is excited to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level, while also promoting fair play both on and off the pitch.


 team shcr ec u13 2024