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The SHC Rossemaison is proud to welcome you once again for the U13 IISHF European Cup.

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Vuilleumier Logan, #3, goalkeeper
Richard Matteo, #16, goalkeeper
Chevrey Archibald, #20, goalkeeper

Chèvre Meven, #6, defender
Ehmann Morgan, #25, defender
Simon Matteo, #15, forward
Voisard Nora, #21, forward
Vogt Lenny, #18, defender
Wolf Alexy, #10, forward
Guerdat Maxime, #30, forward
Kottelat Samuel, #17, forward
Mohni Léo, #32, forward
Mohni Noé, #19, defender
Chételat Léo, #13, forward
Vioujas Nina, #4, forward
Chappuis Cécile, #7, defender


The SHC Rossemaison U13 inline hockey team has consistently been among the top teams in Switzerland in recent years. Continuing their mission of learning, playing, and having fun, the 2023 season culminated in a well-deserved 2nd place in the Swiss Finals.

For the 2024 season, the team's goal is to maintain their position at the top of the regular season, and potentially reach the finals of Swiss Championship.

Additionally, as the host of the European Cup 2024, SHC Rossemaison is determined to reach the final stages of the tournament and compete for the championship.

Facing a field of strong teams, the SHC Rossemaison U13 squad is ready to take on the challenge of the European Cup 2024. The team is excited to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level, while also promoting fair play both on and off the pitch.


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