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Participating teams / Equipes participantes



SHC Rossemaison (CH)






team shcr




Grounded in 1984, SHC Rossemaison is a top swiss team.
Among the 410 club members are many young players in the different successul teams (School, U13, U16, U19). We are also proud of our 6 adults teams (NLA, NLB, 2 X 2nd league, Women and Old boys).
European Champion in 2001, Swiss Champion in 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017 our first team is actually the Swiss title holder.
Recognizing the importance of  training young people we have made of our youth movement a priority and it seems to be successful.
For this competiton Rossemaison is proud to represent Switzerland at the highest level.
Other successes of the first team :
Swiss Vice-Champion: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007
Swiss Cup winner: 2001, 2007, 2017
European Cup: 7th in 2002, 7th in 2004, 2nd in 2005, 7th in 2007, 3rd in 2008, 5th in 2009, 3rd in 2010, 5th in 2011, 5th in 2013, 4th in 2017





Samurai Iserlohn (D)

Logo Iserlohn



team iserlohn



Albrecht Nils, Bialke Dominik, Broze Marcel, Broze Philip, Döscher Marcel, Dorn Marc, Faber Maximilian, Gose Christian, Linke Tim, Mühlfort Christian, Neffin Jonas, Neumann Pascal, Orendorz Kevin, Peters Marco, Riepe Marius, Riepe Noel, Schneider Daniel, Schreiner Jan, Wichern Constantin.


Men German championship

2017 2nd Place, 2016 4th Place, 2015 3rd Place, 2014 3rd Place,2013 German Champion, 2012 3rd Place


German cup

2017 Cup Winner, 2015 Cup Winner


Men European Cup

2016 8th Place, 2015 2nd Place, 2014 4th Place



Sayaluca (CH)






team sayaluca




#39 Roy Bay, #1 Brendan Pozzi,, #66 Marcel Müller (C), #8 Martino Leidi, #88 Fabio Hunziker, #17 Raffaele Meli, #26 Alain Didier (A), #6 Kauffmann Matteo, #7 Andrea Bersier, #12 Riccardo Bardocci, #11 Gabriele Falconi, #28 Davide Sundermann, #14 Mattia Koch, #30 Marcel Muri, #33 Aron Fassora, #37 Stefan Bialik, #68 Fabrice Eisenring, #85 Daniel Bernasconi, #9 Daniel Goncalves



Coach - Gracco Barberis, Team Manager - Patrice Pfirter, physiotherapist - Emmanuel Pfirter



The Club was born in 1986, with the name «Società Lugano Skater 86». 

The playing field was the historic one at Villa Negroni in Vezia. 

In 1990 the club joined the SHC Caslano, and the name became: Inline Hockey Lugano. 

In 2001 the merger with the Cadempino club. 

In 2005 the name of the club became the one still in use today: Inline Hockey Sayaluca. 

The name is made up with the beginning of the following words: «SAvosa YAnkee LUgano CAdempino».



Finalist Swiss Championship 2013

Bronze medal European Championship 2014

Winner Swiss Cup 2015

Finalist Swiss Championship 2015

Bronze medal European Championship 2016

Finalist Swiss Cup 2017

Winner SuperCup 2017


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HC Köln West Rheinos (D)



logo koeln west



team koeln west




After reaching the national finals in 2004 for the first time, the HC Cologne-West (since 2009 re-named as „Rheinos“) started its most successful period since founded in 1987 between 2006 and 2014 by winning the German championship five times with two European-Cup wins in 2008 and 2010. Also in 2010, the Rheinos' success-story reached its peak when winning three competitions – German championship, German Cup, and European Cup – within one year. Apart from that, the club celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Suitably, the Rheinos won their third European Cup in 2017, also. In this context, the whole club cordially thanks the SHC Rossemaison for organising this year's tournament!


G 30 Ohrem, Michael, G 31 Kreutz, Maximilian, G 35 Baumgarth, Marc, D 6 Tacke, Niklas, D 7 Adam, Tobias, D 8 Werheit, Niklas, D 22 Maiellaro, Roberto, D 23 Böckels, Nico-Paul, D 44 Werheit, Valentin, D 94 Weisheit, David ("C"), D 96 Besner, Torben, F 10 Deck, Tobias, F 14 Holzapfel, Florian, F 21 Krause, Nicola, F 25 Kemmerling, Michael, F 70 Esser, Kai ("A"), F 71 Weisheit, Robin, F 77 Marke, Jannik, F 86 Römer, Jannik.




Kaarst (D)



logo kaarst



team kaarst



Crash Eagles Kaarst 19885 e.V. was founded in 1985 and is located in Kaarst, a small town near Duesseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Currently it is one of the biggest Inlineskaterhockey clubs in Germany, which has got a great number of players in U13, U16 and U19 teams as our club is very engaged in encouraging the youth.

Our Team has been successful, especially during the last two years. 2016 we came second an the Team of 2017 won the German Championship after thrilling Finals vs. Samurai Iserlohn. Currently the Crash Eagles Team Is the youngest Team in the League.

After 2015 (Cup-Winners) and 2016 ( Fifth Place in Eurocup in Duisburg) this year our Team again will take place in the European Cup as the current German Champion. All the players are highly motivated and we are looking forward to meeting the other teams of enthusiastic Skaterhockey players and we will do our best to show a good performance.


Dominik Boschewski (C), Thimo Dietrich (A), Richard Steffen (G), Niclas Stobbe (G), Philipp Inger (G), Tim Dohmen , Nils Lingscheidt, Moritz Otten, Lennart Otten, Tobias Wolff, Felix Wuschech, Niels Pniewski, Ivo Puhle, Jakob Matzken, Christian von Berg, Leonard Oehme, Marcel Noebels, Dominik Thum, Andre Ehlert




SHC Bienne SeelanderS (CH)



logo seelanders 500




team seelanders 700



The SHC Bienne Seelanders visit the 2018 Men Cup Tournament in Rossemaison (CH) as the 2017 3rde place in Swiss. Blessed with ten national titles, six Swiss cup titles and four European titles, the club founded in 1985, is one of the inline skaterhockey’s pioneers in Switzerland and in Europe. The Seelanders owe their success to an excellent formation work as well as an unconditional support of the 200 members who work indefatigably on their success and try to offer them infrastructures corresponding to their reputation. The lasts year’s Winner cup continental title 2012, 2013 and 2014, as well as the convincing results of its whole junior movement, comes to reward the quality work and the formation policy lauded for years by the Seelanders.

Swiss champion: 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016. Vice champion 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994 and 2008.

Winner of the Swiss cup: 1995, 1997, 1999, 2008, 2011 and 2014. Winner of Swiss Super-Cup: 2014, 2015 and 2016.

European cup: 1st place in 1998, 2nd place in 2017, 3rd place in 2016, 4th place in 2007 and 2008, 7th place in 1999, 8th place in 2000, 9th place in 2009 and 2015, 10th place in 2013 and 2014.




Borehamwood Crusaders (GB)



logo borehamwood




team crusaders new 700





Crusaders qualified for the IIshf  European cup for Men 2018 by achieving  second place in the BiSHA 2017 Mens Nationals competition. We are looking forward to returning to Rossemaison and playing against the best teams in Europe.Crusaders would like to thank the Rossemaison club for their hospitality and take this opportunity to wish all the participating teams Good Luck.
James Wright (GK) 39, James Godfrey (GK) 71, Steve Dickinson (C) 66, Chris Dartnell (AC) 53, Tom Dickinson 23, Josh Silvester 69, Jamie Campbell 27, Lee Hayter 96, Lewis Sexton 18, Dan Picton 26, Ryan Blackwood 55, Curtis Esty 74, Jon Laird 63, Tom Sexton 20, Will Barns 44, Edward Barns 42.





Starz (DK)
logo starz
team starz



The team plays in Gentofte, a suburb just north of Copenhagen. Some of our players have played on the team dating back to 2001 with new faces joining along the way since then. As a team we have traveled all over Europe for tournaments 2-3 times a year with our biggest wins coming at the European Cup in 2004, 2006 & 2012. At the last two European Cups we’ve been knocked out in the quarter final so our goal for this year is to make it through to the semi-finals.






#31 Jesper Hansen (goalkeeper), #39 Anders Reimer (goalkeeper), #2 Christian Hansen, #4 David Petersson ©, #11 Oliver Sommer (A), #14 Mick Biehl, #22 Anders Larsen, #24 Christian Sohlmann, #40 Thomas Lilholt, #47 Søren Brinkløv, #59 Søren Damgaard, #66 Kristian Damgaard, #88 Albert Praem



Results (1st place) last 10 years



2008 - Ostsee Pokal – Rostock – DE, Danish Champions, 2009 - Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE, Danish Champions, 2010 - Jydekoppen – Århus – DK, Danish Champions, 2011 - City Cup – Vesterbro – DK, Danish Champions, Danish Cup, Champions – Århus – DK, 2012 - City Cup – Vesterbro – DK, Mens European Cup – Givisiez – CH, RAMS Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE, Danish Champions, 2013 - Snake City Masters/Danish Cup Champions – Slangerup – DK, Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE, 2014 - Snake City Masters – Slangerup - DK, City Cup – Vesterbro - DK, Danish Cup Champions, 2015 - Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE, Danish Cup Champions, 2016 - Rams Summer Cup – Düsseldorf – DE, Danish Champions, 2017 - Rams Summer Cup - Düsseldorf – DE, John Spight Memorial - Bordon – GB, Danish Champions


Dark Vipers (A)
logo dark vipers
team dark vipers

DARK VIPERS started in 2009 in AUSTRIA – Salzburg – Grödig

and played from 2009 – 2012 in Winter League Salzburg (unofficial League)

2010 - Third Place – Winter league Salzburg

2011 - Champion – Winter league Salzburg

2012 - Champion – Winter league Salzburg

Since 2013 DARK VIPERS are playing in ISHA official Austrian League

2013 – Champion – ISHA Regionalliga Mitte (Regional League 3rd highest League in Austria)

2013 – Champion – Landesmeister Salzburg (Champion of the Country Salzburg)

2014 – Fourth place – Qualification League ISHA

2014 – Fourth place – ISHA Bundesliga (first league)

2014 - Champion – Landesmeister Salzburg (Champion of the Country Salzburg)

2015 – Third Place – ISHA Bundesliga (first league)

2015 – Austrian Cup Winner

2015 - Champion – Landesmeister Salzburg (Champion of the Country Salzburg)

2016 – Second Place - Austrian Cup

2016 – Eight Place – European Cup Cupwinners (Essen/Germany)

2016 - Second Place – ISHA Bundesliga (first league)

2017 – 12th Place – European Mens Cup Duisburg

2017 – Fourth Place – ISHA Bundesliga (first league)

Team Dark Vipers Salzburg

#10 Philipp Konradsheim (C), #44 Hermann Höpflinger (A), #38 Philipp Kittler (G), #87 Stefan Resl (G), #35 Philipp Löffelberger, #88 Marvin Niedermayer, #27 Luca Klement, #18 Julian Rachbauer, #73 Alessandro Mühllechner, , #22 Philipp Motschmann, #72 Florian Panholzer, #33 Matthias Gottschling, #97 Johannes Mackner, #23 Roland Schiller, #21 Thomas Schartner, #66 Alexander Gorbach, #9 Alexander Panholzer, #74 Corin Konradsheim, #55 Franz Reindl, #69 Stefan Rezner, #95 Thomas Kloimwieder, #11 Maximilian Mackner

Givisiez (CH)
logo givisiez
team givisiez

#29 Regli Neil, #31 Meyer Laurent, #55 Page Lionel, #81 Stebler Alain, #76 Ayer Jean, #93 Zandovskis Juris, #77 Santoro Fabiano, #26 Sundermann Fabrizio, #95 Baeriswyl Alexandre, #34 Schornoz Kellian, #33 Wuilleret Antoine, #92 Page Gilles, #11 Spicher Jérémy, #10 Fleury Jérôme, #12 Borne Samuel, #70 Morel Loïc, #88 Menetrey Alain, #23 Curty Jérémy.

Coach : Rigolet Laurent, chef mat : Curty Gilbert


The Skater Hockey Club Givisiez was founded in 1994 and celebrated proudly in 2014 its 20th anniversary. Our Senior Team played two years in the lower leagues before reaching the National League B and the National League A promotion in 1999. The club is now composed of 8 Teams playing in different categories of games.

The SHC Givisiez has always the policy to make a special effort for the formation. This has paid off for our Junior Team with the winning of a national title and with the participation to the U19 European Cup in 2000. Our Youth Team also participated to the U16 European Cup 2000. A note that the Junior Team won the Swiss Cup in 2005.

Our Senior Team won the Swiss Cup and the Swiss Vice-champion title in 2010 and the first Swiss Champion title in 2011. Our Women Team was sacred Swiss Champion in 2011. Last season our Senior Team won the vice-champion title.

The Senior Team tooks part to five European Tournaments (four at home). The Team won the European Vice-champion title to the Men European Cup Winners 2011, the 4th place to the Men European Cup 2012 and a great 3rd place to the Men European Cup Winners 2013. Our Women Team participated twice to the Women European Cup (2010 and 2011).

Our PeeWee Team won last year the first European Champion title in the club’s history to the U13 European Cup.

A note that the SHC Givisiez has twice received the Sports Awards Fribourg in the team sport category (2005 and 2011). The Club was also awarded with the Panathlon title in 2010.

Since 2010 the Club is playing in his new home. The RealSport Arena is dedicated exclusively to inline skater hockey and it is fully covered and closed. The rink allows to take on a new dimension for the Swiss Championships, for training camps of the Swiss national Teams and J + S (Youth and Sport). Finally, this infrastructure enables the organization of European tournaments.

With his new home the SHC Givisiez has set up and hosted six European Cups and one European Championships. A note that the Swiss Team won in 2012 the European Champion title in Givisiez.

London Street Warriors (GB)
 logo street warriors
team london street warr 
The London Street Warriors were established in 1982 and so represent one of Europe’s oldest clubs. In 2017 the team won the UK National title (13th in our history) and a return to the European Championships. Since our last visit to this pinnacle European tournament, we won (2015) and defended (2016) the International Rothaus Cup, Germany. In our last 3 campaigns at the European Championship we have placed 6th, 4th, and 2nd.
We have some new exciting players for those teams who have not seen us in a while, and look forward to another fantastic weekend in Rossemaison, our sincerest thanks to the organisers.
Tanner Michael #3 (C), Tanner Paul #77 (A), White Dan #11, Paul Lawrence #49, Lee Wesley #76, Dobson Richard #44, Deol Sab #9, Lambert Billy #22, McQuarrie Pip #8, Ferris Aaron #24, Leamy Danny #97, Bell Gareth #23, Gayle Callan #50, Broughton Danny #20, Lynch James #91, White Joe #30 (GK), Edwards Sean #45 (GK), Tanner James @1 (GK).
Team managers: Jordan Glenn, Edutie Prosper, Bell Monica.
Lunatics (A)
logo lunatics
team lunatics new

Victories/successes of the last 10 years

Champions Austria 3rd League 2014

3rd Place Austria 2nd League 2015

Champions Austria 2nd League 2016

Runner-up Austria 1st League 2017


The core of this team has only been playing jointly since 2014. Back then a group of six friends, originally playing ice hockey together, joined a small inline-skater hockey team called Lunatics Vienna. They followed the call of their friend “Rosi”, whose wish it was to win a title with the Lunatics one last time before his opportunity to do so would seize. Rosi had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, hence he assembled a team to help him pursue his last desire. And so it did. At the end of the season, Rosi, one of the league’s top defense men, was able to hold up the cup victoriously. He passed away two weeks later. 

Ever since, Rosi’s spirit has carried the team and they went on to promote to Austria’s first league. Despite the Lunatics’ strong focus on the social aspects of team sports and a notorious idleness on rainy-weather practice days, they finished their first Bundesliga-season on a respectable runner-up spot. This second place also secured them the ticket to their first-ever European appearance where they are eager to make the most of their debut. Wanna find out more? Join us for a beer or two Friday after the games!