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19.10.2019 à 16:00
Bienne Seelanders SHCR D


2ème match PO finale Dames

19.10.2019 à 17:00
Zofingen SHCR III


2ème match 1/2 PO 1L

19.10.2019 à 18:00
SHCR J Sayaluca


1er match 1/2 PO J

19.10.2019 à 20:30
SHCR II Léchelles


1er match finale PO LNB

20.10.2019 à 15:00
Léchelles SHCR II


2ème match finale PO LNB

20.10.2019 à 17:45
SHCR D Bienne Seelanders


3ème match finale PO Dames

20.10.2019 à 20:15
SHCR III Zofingen


3ème match 1/2 PO 1L

26.10.2019 à 12:00
Sayaluca SHCR J


2ème match finale PO J

26.10.2019 à 17:00
SHCR II Léchelles


3ème match finale PO LNB

27.10.2019 à 14:00
SHCR J Sayaluca


3ème match 1/2 PO J

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SHC Rossemaison (CH)



logo shcr

team photo shcr u16 650



Rufer Eric (25), Laterali Ethan (1)



Weiss Tom (11), Sauvain Tim (5), Freudiger Alan (14), Boss Darren (18), Biondi Marco (7), Christe Gaël (15), Sauvain Yvan (21), Schmassmann Yaël (9), Gagnebin Mathias (3), Weiss Arnaud (19), Fringeli Mathieu (10), Dépraz Océane (16), Crétin Joan (6), Chèvre Jérémy (4), Froidevaux Lorin (8), Frossard Mégane (17).



Helfer Didier (head coach), Theubet Yves (coach), Freudiger Pierre (matériel).


Team infos

The SHC Rossemaison was founded in 1984, and his U16 (Novice) team was founded 10 years later, in 1994. Since the year 2000, the team reached 13 times the final, winning 8 Swiss championship titles. In 2018, our U16 team was quite successful with a third rank in the Swiss championship and a silver medal at the Europeans.

Representing Switzerland in an European Cup is something that all players are proud of. With the experience of many participations, the team expect to reach the semi-final and then everything can happen.

Swiss Champion : 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2001, 2000. European Vice-champion : 2018, 2016, 2009.




Rolling Aventicum (CH)


SHCRA logo 400


SHCRA team photo 650



Marti Noé (1), Sottaz Steven (39)



Capodiferro Alessio (88), Simonet Axel (38), Currat Nathan (90), Derron Kevin (70), Clément Shem (93), Spahr Arthur (30), Kaltenrieder Cyril (96), Kampfer Theo (27), Vaucher Kylian (55), Pignolet Rémy (3), Brügger Julien (86), Baumgartner Nicolas (44), Fontana Eliott (7), Cressier Romain (19), Zbinden Noah (69), Hebert Nathan (21), Carrel Alexis (34), Chammartin Ewan (26), Boute Flavian (12), Thevoz Simon (31).



Capodiferro David (head cpach), Briguet Cyril (coach), Perriard Cédric (coach).


Team infos

The club SHC Rolling Aventicum was founded in 1991 in Avenches and joined the Swiss Inline Hockey Federation in 2000. One year after, in 2001, our first novice team was also registered and took part at the Swiss championship every year.

Our best results:2016 Swiss Vice-Champion,2017 Swiss Vice-Champion,2018 Swiss Vice-Champion.

We are very proud to represent Switzerland at the European Cup U16 in Rossemaison.




Bissendorfer Panthers (D)


logo bissendorfer 400


photo team bissendorfer 650




27 Reckert, Jean-Lennert, 65 Riemer, Maarten Maximilian, 77 Dyck, Maja-Maria,  38 Schöler, Erik Jorge, 88 Döring, Joshua, 2 Hemme, Torben, 61 Conseil, Luc, 56 Michaelsen, Lasse, 50 Meyer, Robin, 4 Schmieta, Jenny Katharina, 13 Siebert, Maximilian Oskar, 1 Stahlhut, Maleen, 17 Wegener, Marc.



Coachs: Uttke, Mirco, Rien Leon.


Team infos

In 1998 the „Bissendorfer Panther Club“ was founded by a couple of street hockey players with ambition and not just having fun. Since that time the Panthers developed through hard training strong support by its club´s management and a lot of helping hands to the top team in northern Germany.

The current team won the gold medal at the German championship 2018. Further successes of the u16 teams at the German Championship were silver medals in 2009, 2015, 2017 and bronze medals in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016.




Düsseldorf Rams (D)


rams logo 400


Dusseldorf RAMS U16 team 650



David Anke (33), Kokoras Melina (1).



Berling Paul (73), Dollberg Johnny (40), Klein Tom (71), Klement Jule (66), Korth Nico (12), Kubel Mick (38), Merkel Pascal (7), Nowak Simon (13) (A), Othmann Lukas (65), Radocaj Nico (27), Sassmannshausen Malte (21), Sassmannshausen Til (88) (C).



Schmidt Sebastian (head coach), Merkel Sascha (ass. coach), Schmidt Christian (ass. coach).


Team infos

Our club, officially called ISC Düsseldorf RAMS 1987 e.V., has more than 300 members. We have gained a strong reputation for developing young players, boys as well as girls. In 2019 our club has a total of 12 teams which take part in the German league. We cover all age groups from Bambini (U10) to Men and Women.

In the youth age group (U16) our teams were very successful in the last ten years:

German Champion 2008, 2010, 2012/ Runner up 2018, German Cup winner 2014, 2018/ Runner up 2017, European Cup winner 2012

In 2018 our current U16 team won the German Cup, was runner up in the German Championship and achieved a noteworthy fifth place in the  Eurocup, which we hosted in Düsseldorf.  In this year’s Eurocup we strive to get to the semi finals and then anything can happen!

We are looking forward to a an exciting tournament, meeting friends from other clubs and to the Swiss hospitality.




London Knightz (GB)


LKZ logo chest 400


LKZ photo 636



Liam Hutchinson, Jude Alying.



Jude Gregory (C), Milique Martelly (A), Gad Marsh, Harry Treibilcook, Kris Nekrosevicius, Max Weaver, River Keningale, Ruben Bousquet, Marcus Cyrille, Aston Lacey.


Team infos

London Knightz SHC returns to the European Cup for the 3rd year in a row to compete against Europe’s best teams. This year, entering as UK’s League and National Champions we enter with full confidence and we will compete playing our best hockey!

Good luck to all the teams. We look forward to playing you all in the highest ranked tournament of the year!  1..2..3...KNIGHTZ.





Mad Dogs Wiener Neustadt (A)


logo hc mad dogs 400



mad dogs u16 team photo 650



Baldinger Alexander (30), Simi Alvaro (34).



Amon Raphael (12), Biber Gregor (58), Gamper Philip (56), Gebhardt Marius (83), Gebhardt Tristan (13), Gisperg David (29), Kirsteuer Benjamin (80), Köhsl Stefan (40), Kraschl Florian (17), Kraschl Christoph (35), Lamp Adrian (54), Müller Jonas (46), Müller Paul (21), Neuberger Raphael (88), Ostadal Dominik (48), Ostadal Hana (7), Pöchl Alexander (8), Prerauer Jonas (55), Resch Stefan (72), Resch Maximilian (57), Scharfetter Constantin (53), Sheard Jamie (84), Unger Serena (71), Woltron Nico (51), Zytek Leonard (52).


Team infos

HC Mad Dogs Wr. Neustadt was founded 1993 and is part of the Austrian Inline-Skater hockey Federation. The Club started with playing only Inline-Skater hockey and is also playing ice hockey with youth teams since 2008.
All players are playing Ice hockey and Inline-Skater hockey. This year also the U16 and the U19 team will participate at European Cup’s.

Victories in club history: (Austrian championship): 2018 1st place, 2017 2nd place, 2016 1st place, 2015 3rd place, 2014 4th place, 2013 2nd place, 2012 3rd place, 2011 2nd place, 2010 1st place, 2009 2nd place.





Sayaluca (CH)


logo sayaluca


sayaluca 650











Team infos

IH Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano U16 won his first Swiss Championship in 2018, after many years working together with the same team.All the players were born in 2004 and they are at their very first European Championship.The two goalkeeper have a considerable age's difference, but both have a rather strong personality. The players have generally a good technical basis and they are very confident to play a good EC U16 Tournament in Rossemaison.Our results: 2002, 2005, 2013, 2014 Regional Champion (Ticino),2018 Swiss Champion (Elite).





Copenhagen Vikings (DK)


vikings logo


 vikings team photo 650



Bjørn Marcus (Bøhme) (91)



Almquist Marcus (Kjær) (87) (C), Nolsøe Philip (26) (A), Smith Conrad (95), Niebling Sebastian Gram Zimmerdahl (8), Rafnsson Philip (Andre) (97),

Nielsson Andreas Schou (10), Banke-Eriksen Magnus (12), Jørgensen Magnus (13), Rasmussen Sebastian Maddock (14) .



Bjørn Peter (head coach), Almquist Jesper (manager), Øhlenschlæger Frank (material), Nielsson Jimmy (material), Bjørn Christina (massøse), Almquist Heidi (massøse), Schmidt Birgit (food), Nolsøe Lone (food)


Team infos

Copenhagen Vikings U16 has played together now for 6 years, with participation in 4 Eurocup 2 times U13 and 3 times U16.

2015 U13 1st  place, 2016 U13 1st  place, 2016 U16 4th  place, 2017 U16 2nd place, 2018 U16 1st  place.

We are looking forward to participating and playing against the best teams in Europe. Game on, see you in the arena.





Zoran Falcons (ISR)


zoran logo 400


 zoran 650 2



Ido Shteinberg (50), Nudel, Barak (32)



Levin, Mike (71), Sigalov, Nir (3), Rigler, Adi (82), Gurfinkel, Ethan (24), Yishay Shauli (11), Yoav Ein Dor (55), Omer Zalika (18), Noam Vizelman (54), Itay Gur (25), Yuval, Turner (93), Raz, Koren (42), Ido, Rockenshtein (99), Yadin, Yukeles (85), Guy, Markovich (5).



Levin Pavel (head coach), Michael Horowitz (assistant coach), Eli Abramovich (team manager).


Team infos

Zoran Falcons club was established in 1995, being the oldest roller hockey club in Israel.  Its teams have participated in many leagues and championships in which they have won first places.  The club incorporates teams of players of all range of ages starting at the age of 6 up to 18 ,including team veterans. Over the past years, Zoran Falcons U16 has won first place in the Israeli League and has been at least twice Euro-Cup Vice-Champion. Our goal is to reach one of the first places in Euro-Cup this year





Leader 1420 Moscow


logo leader moscow


 team photo leader moscow 650











Team infos

Our club was organized in 2005. Our club is located in Moscow on the street on school grounds, on which we conduct training and official games. The club trains about 110 people in five age categories. In winter time we play ice hockey and another time we play inline hockey.

Since 2008 we began to play in European Cups and represent our country in international games. European Cup U-13 in Switzerland in 2013 became the most successful for us, since we have silver medals after losing the final of the tournament the Swiss team and European Cup U-16 in Austria 2014 silver medals after losing the final of the tournament the Danish team. But in European Cup U-13 in Germany 2017 our team finally got gold medals and we got second time gold medals U-13 in Denmark 2018.  We are proud of his performance, but really want to win and win the European Cup U-16.

We got website